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Nawan Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 290.00
L S Mineral Powder PKR 270.00
Intervac (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 38000.00
Poultry First Aid Kit PKR 37800.00
Intervac (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 3200.00
ICI Pakistan Limited PKR 1650.00
Grow Forte 150 g PKR 1600.00
Hilton Pharma PKR 295.00
Medivac ND Lasota PKR 270.00

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AB Pharma PKR 8000.00
Zuram Brothers Faisalabad PKR 1000.00
MD Cattle Feed PKR 1950.00
MD Cattle Feed PKR 1950.00
MD Cattle Feed PKR 1950.00
ICI Pakistan Limited PKR 1550.00
ICI Pakistan Limited PKR 500.00
ICI Pakistan Limited PKR 1600.00
Med Vak Solutions (Pvt) Limited PKR 20500.00
Med Vak Solutions (Pvt) Limited PKR 18500.00
Miscellaneous PKR 450.00
Miscellaneous PKR 200.00
Miscellaneous PKR 110.00
Miscellaneous PKR 25000.00
Symans Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 4100.00
Miscellaneous PKR 90.00
Buyer PKR 5200.00
Apex Poultry PKR 2759.00
Apex Poultry PKR 2759.00
Selmore Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 410.00
ICI Pakistan Limited PKR 14255.00
Symans Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. PKR 420.00
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