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Oxyclozanide 34mg/ml



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Liver worms Liver worms greatly affect the health and productivity of their host animal. They reside inside the bile ducts of the liver. Internal worms Internal worms are extremely harmful for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. They not only reduce their productivity but often become the cause of their death as well. Since the worms are usually found in green fodder, the animals consuming it are largely exposed to their attacks. Research indicates that not only the death rate of even those animals that appear to be healthy greatly declines, but their reproductive capability also increase, if they have been given medicines for preventative purposes. This shows that owing to good health, these animals become less prone to other types of diseases as well. Zanil contains Oxyclozanide that essentially kills liver worms in cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Indications Is extremely effective for the animals suffering from Liver fluke Eliminates liver worms fairly quickly. It can also kill immature worms as well if the dosage is increased

Generic Name Oxyclozanide 34mg/ml
Units 1 Litre
Product Dosage For small and Large animals 1ml/5kg body weight

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