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Multivitamin, Antibiotic, Anthelmintic, Diuretic,



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Naflofas 10% 1000ml: Florfenicol for the Treatment of Respiratory Conditions in Poultry and is very effective in GRD, (Mycoplasmosis) Fowl cholera, Pullarum disease, Typhoid and Para typhoid, Air sacculitis, Pericarditis, Peritonitis, Hepatic capsulitis, salpingitis, infections pleuropneumonia and Hemorrhagic enteritis. Amoxy-Co Pwd 1000g: Bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis , pneumonic plague, paratyphoid, collibecillosis, brucella, mycoplasma, leptospirosis, poultry cholera, salpengitis. Provit Pwd 1000g: Each 100 gram contains: Vitamin B1 HCl …400mg; Vitamin B6 HCl …400mg; Niacin .2500mg; Biotin..5000mcg; L-Lysine…2000mg; Vitamin B2..600 mg; Vitamin B12…2500mcg; Folic Acid …25000mcg; Calcium-D-Pantothenate…1500mg; DL-Methionine…1000mg Provit is used for prevention and treatment of fatty liver kidney syndrome (FLKS)_Provit deficiency, acute sudden death syndrome, for improvement of rearing results, increase feed efficiency, improvement of feathering and flesh condition in chicken, increase egg production, prevention and treatment of stress situations. Power ADEK Pwd: Each 1000ml Solution Contains. Vitamin A –25MIU; Vitamin D3—2.5MIU; Vitamin E —5000mg; Vitamin K3—4000mg; Prevention and treatment of Nutritional deficiencies. Enhance immunity Improve Egg production and Egg shell Quality. Improve fertility and Hatchability. Improve FCR. Increase weight gain. Protect early chick mortlity. Powder ADEK is served in cases of shortage of one components effecting growth. Doxycol –T Pwd: Tylosin tartarate…150 gm; Doxycycline Hcl…150 gm; Colistin Sulphate…1200 Miu; Excepiens Q.S.1000 g; Infections caused by Tylosin, Doxycycline and Colistin sensitive micro-organisms in calves and poultry especially for gastrointestinal and Mycoplasma infections. In Poultry mainly of the respiratory tract lnfections. lt is often used during bronchopneumonia in cattle and chronic coughing in horses. Flushvit Pwd: Each 100 gm contains: Methenamine (Hexamine…95gm Vit…..800mg Vitamin B2 …920mg Vitamin K3….200mg; Flushvit is indicated for disinfecting urinary tract in poultry, in kidney failure and Gumboro cases. Flushvit supports forced diureses in poisoning ascites, oedema and hepatitis. Bromosol 10% Sol 1000ml: Bromhexine Hydrochloride is an effective expectorant in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases. Sel –E Liquid 1000ml: For Vitamin E and Selenium Deficiency Super Cool Pwd 1000g: Each 100 gm contains: Acetylsalicylic acid….6.70 gm; Vitamin C…20 gm; Dextrose anhydrous (QS)…l00gm; Super Cool Powder mortality due to heat stress and improve growth performance. Super Cool Powder enhance disease resistance and relives pain in inflammations. Super Cool Powder increase egg production, improves egg shell quality and restores fertility and hatchability in Layers and Breeders. Nysta-100 Pwd 1000g: A highly effective Anti fungal drug for the control and treatment of fungal diseases

Generic Name Multivitamin, Antibiotic, Anthelmintic, Diuretic,
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Product Dosage Naflofas 10%: Prevention: 1 ml of Naflosol oral solution in 4 litres or drinking water for 3-5 days. Treatment: 1 ml of Naflosol Oral solution in 2 litres or drinking water for 3-5 day Amoxy-Co Pwd 1000g:1 gm per 5 litre of drinking water Provit Pwd 10