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1 ml contains: d,l-acetylmethionine 200 mg, l-carn



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Liver tonic

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KEY POINTS Restores the metabolic balance Favours detoxification, and fights oxidative stress Chronomodulated drug delivery system Metabolase Forte is an injectable association of acetylmethionine, l-carnitine, vitamin E and cyanocobalamin; four active substances which interact on various metabolic mechanisms involved in the detoxification processes and in the transport and utilization of fatty acids. All active substances are safe and do not create problems of persistence of residues. The high concentration of the active substances, the intramuscular route of administration and the exclusive chronomodulated drug delivery system permit full utilization of the substances introduced, unlike other common detoxifying solutions, where a large proportion of the active substances is rapidly lost in the urine. INDICATIONS Metabolase Forte is indicated for the relief of hepatic distress and in all toxic and dysmetabolic disorders of animals. It is also beneficial as a general reconstituent, in conditions of debilitation and stress of diverse origin. Metabolase Forte is particularly indicated for the treatment of fatty liver, pregnancy toxemia, ketosis, liver injury or toxicity, myopathies, reduce fertility, impaired immune response, fatigue, poor performance, recovery of runt and debilitated animals.

Generic Name 1 ml contains: d,l-acetylmethionine 200 mg, l-carn
Units 100 ml
Product Dosage ADMINISTRATION IM. DOSAGE Cattle, horses and adult swine: 5 ml/100 kg bw. Sheep, young pigs, calves, foals: 0.5-1 ml/10 kg bw.

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