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Intra Aerosol is a natural product based on essential oils. Each liter contains: Eucalyptus 126gm, Menthol 55gm, Peppermint 32gm, & Polyethylene glycol-glyceryl ricinoleate. It helps to reduce or prevent the excessive formation of mucous in the bird's respiratory tract. Intra Aerosol Stimulates the absorption of oxygen. Breathing problems are often caused by the formation of excessive mucous in the respiratory tract, which means the birds receive too little oxygen, leading to a loss of energy and strength. The mucous furthermore forms a breeding ground for a variety of unwanted micro-organisms. This means that all sorts of respiratory infections can arise, leading to poor results due to reduced water and feed intake and less vitality. Effective in respiratory and breathing problems and heat stress Prevent reactions after vaccinations. Stimulates air intake, feed intake, and energy metabolism. Water-soluble, does not foul the drinking water system. e Avoid the simultaneous use of Intra Aerosol with live vaccines. © Withdraw Intra Aerosol treatment two days prior to use of live vaccines and withhold it for 2 days after live vaccines.

Generic Name
Units 10 Litre
Product Dosage -200 ml Intra Aerosol in 10 liters of lukewarm water Use this pre-concentrate for drinking water -Mix Pre-concentrate in 1000 liters of water During 24 hours 3-4 days Mix Pre-concentrate in 1000 liters of drinking water After 2 days of ND/IB vaccine

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