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Description Ingredients: Halal boneless chicken, fresh onion, green chili, salt, mixed spices, water, vegetable oil, bread crumb and sodium phosphate. Allergens: Wheat Cooking Instructions: Appliances and utensils may vary so adjust cooking time accordingly. 1) Cooking Pot: To enjoy traditional Kofta curry, prepare curry with your choice of recipe. Add slightly thawed Kofta along with water. Cook until ready. 2) Frying: To enjoy Kofta as a Snack preheat oil to frying temperature (170 degrees celsius). Deep fry slightly thawed Kofta for 5 minutes or until brown. Caution: The product must not be cooked at higher than the recommended temperature. This may burn the product from the outside while the inside may remain uncooked. Storage Instructions: Keep frozen at or below -18 degrees celsius. Do not re-freeze.

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